Adult Sunday School

womanwithbibleWestminster is a church that cares about Christian Education.  We are growing in faith and learing as God faithfully cares for us and we encourage each other along a walk of discipleship.  We invite you to explore this critical element of faithful living – Christian Education.

Join us at Wesmintster …. where learning never ends…

Parents of Young Presbyterians

This class focuses on studying different books of the Bible and how it pertains to our daily lives as parents of young children.   All parents of young Presbyterians are welcome!

Focus on Faith –

In this class we study ways in which we can strengthen our faith in all aspects of our lives.  Using shorter topical books makes this a great choice for visitors who feel comfortable jumping right in, or sitting back and listening to the lively discussion.  Always tied closely to the Bible, we enjoy looking at Scripture and discussing it’s impact on life.

Seekers Class –

This class has an inquiring, warm atmosphere with lots of discussion. Members take turns teaching the class (if they wish to teach) and enjoy challenging material. The Seekers class pursues God’s truth through both traditional and nontraditional adult Sunday School approaches.

Reuben Ridgeway Class

It’s all BIBLE – all the time!  This is a wonderful discussion class that is excited about exploring God’s Word and finding out how to take that Word to make our world a better place.   This is a warm, open and engaging class that is represented by a wide range of ages and backgrounds.

Men’s Bible Class

If you want to learn more about the Bible, this is the class for you!  The class is friendly, amiacable and fun with an age range of 30 – 92!  We are a warm group of guys who enjoy each other and love helping others.  We have been involved in global missions such as water purifiers for Honduras and local missions as we support for our very own Westminster youth projects.

Ladies Bible Class

This class is an attentive, charitable group of women of all ages who enjoy a traditional Bible study.  This class also participates in outreach opportunities such as supporting needy families, supporting the Westminster Child Development Center and are strongly involved in the care of our own church family especially in times of crisis.

Biblical Foundations 
This class has been studying the Bible for over 40 years!  They take one book of the Bible at a time and study it in depth.  If you like studying the Bible, then this is the class for you.